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Our Story

At Motive, we design eCommerce search for small to medium shops that strengthens the digital trust between shop and customer.

We put people first, which means creating a product that doesn’t treat people like pieces of data, but humans.

By adopting a human-centred approach, we’re able to deliver trust and transparency within a product that doesn’t compromise on features and functionality.

Motive Commerce Search lets shop owners effortlessly customise their search while providing powerful backend tools that improve the shopping experience.

The technology behind the biggest brands

The technology behind the biggest brands

Motive Commerce Search is built on the technology of our sister company Empathy.co, which provides some of the world’s largest online retailers with commerce search.

Motive has taken the core idea of this technology and adapted it, so any sized shop can enjoy the benefits of ethical search that sells more.

That means an affordable search tool with features that have been carefully developed with the needs of your shop in mind.

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Two incredible teams. One mission.

At Motive.co, we're dedicated to making a positive impact beyond our products. That's why we're proud to sponsor not one, but two exceptional women's sports teams: Club Balonmano La Calzada, a women's handball team in Gijón, and Getafe Femenino, a women's football team in Madrid.

We see our values of trust and empathy reflected in both clubs, and supporting these remarkable teams is just one way we’re putting those values into action. It’s an honour to support these groups of dedicated, hard-working female athletes as they compete at the highest level of their respective sports.

By sponsoring Balonmano La Calzada and Getafe Femenino, we're not just supporting two incredible teams - we're supporting a movement for equality and empowerment.

Our values

Tracker and cookie-free technology that guarantees trust.

Transparent pricing. No hidden extras. No surprises.

Treating people as individuals, not pieces of data.

Recognising the needs of shoppers and retailers.

Exceptional shopping experiences retailers and customers will love.

Continuously adapting and evolving with the needs of the modern retailer.


The team

We’re building a passionate team of smart, inquisitive minds who share our desire to reimagine commerce search.

We're a tech company built by tech people, led and empowered by a strong vision and purpose.

We put people at the very centre of everything we do and that also applies to our own team.

Our offices are social spaces where we get together to create, invent and have fun! We put a lot of effort into designing an environment that's nurturing, collaborative and supportive.

One where we’re all continually learning and pushing ourselves to grow and develop. We pride ourselves in attracting -and retaining- the very best talent and we’re always looking for new stars to join the team.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch to hear about our latest job openings.