We’re giving away €40,000 in grants!

At Motive, we’re serious about supporting SMEs in the online retail space. We can’t wait to see what you’ll use the money for!
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Wait, why are we giving away €40,000 in grants?

Motive Commerce Search is built for people who believe in sustainability, community, privacy and trust. We’re the fastest growing privacy-minded search for online stores out there, and we like to do things differently.

While our competitors happily give hundreds of thousands of euros to Meta and Google each year to buy ads, we decided we would rather give that money to you. We’re serious about community, and we’re serious about privacy too. (Plus, those ads use some pretty invasive tracking techniques that we’re not fans of!)

Receive a one-off payment. No strings attached.

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This is not Dragon’s Den, and we’re not looking for a percentage of your company. All we ask is that you commit to sharing your story with us and the online retail community - and of course, what you plan to spend the money on!

We believe that every online retailer has a project that they’d like to carry out. This is your chance to try something new. Take a risk. Do that thing that you always wanted to do but couldn’t find the money for. To achieve greatness! We’re here to support you.

How are we sharing out the €40,000?

We want to help as many online retailers as we can across the UK, Ireland and Spain. We also want to directly support our customers. Below, you’ll see the breakdown of how we’re splitting up the money.

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One last thing!

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We’ve spent all our money on this grant instead of advertising online. We would really appreciate it if you could share and spread the word. The more people that apply, the more likely we can do it again!

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You should never have to compromise on privacy, and neither should your customers. Motive Commerce Search is the fastest growing privacy-minded search built for shops that want to innovate a better future.

Get powerful backend features that give you total control over how your products are displayed, ordered, filtered and found. Give your shoppers a seamless search experience that builds trust and protects your brand with full data protection compliance.


Do I need to be a Motive customer to apply for the grant?

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Will I need to give up equity?

When and where will the winners be announced?

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